Dot-Matrix Hologram

We offer a wide range of top quality Dot matrix holograms which are produced using high quality raw materials comprised of many tiny dots and pixels, each with a separate diffraction grating. The dot matrix hologram shows more security features than a 2d/3d hologram because of its number of effects which makes the holograms more secure. So, it is considered for best commercial security applications.


Our Dot Matrix Hologram invariably incorporates kinetic effects that make it interesting to the viewer and protects various products from being forged, tampered or imitated. The finished range of dot-matrix hologram are the more vibrant holograms stocked safely with their original property. These are extremely eye catching and exhibits brightness, colorful design patterns even under fluorescent light.

Specifications of Dot Matrix Holograms
» High Resolution 200 -300 dots per inches (Micro Text).
» Sharp Pixel Technology
» Gradient and Raster Effect
» Lens Effect
» Animated Concealed Laser Readable Image

Benifits Dot Matrix Holograms
» Grating depths
» Dot arrangement defects
» Perfect blend of modernization and technology
» Tamper-evident & Non tamper evident
» Produces simple diffraction grafting


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