Flip-Flop Hologram

There're two type flip-flop effect in hologram sticker. One is mae by 2D/3D effect, we can make several different image/logo in different viewing angle and depth, then these elements will have flip-flop effect because eye just see each hologram image in certain viewing angles.

But when too much designs is put together in 2D/3D master shooting, the hologram images will have lots overlay and the flip-flop effect get worse.

So after Dot-matrix hologram system which is controlled by computer is created to make hologram grating dots in any angles possible, we can improve the flip-flop effect with much more flips and less overlap. For sample, we can make different images in viewing angle, -30, -20,-10, 0, 10, 20, 30 degree. So we get 7 flips in hologram without overlap.


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