general pattern

This off the shelf, quick-fix solution to immediate requirements is one of our hot sellers pan-India. This kind of holograms are ready-made holograms that are ready for instant dispatch. The instant security holograms are available off the shelf and can be supplied in any quantities as required - 100 holograms or 1 million holograms. 

The main advantages are :
» No Origination Charges
» No Minimum Quantities
» No Lead Time

These instant holograms can be customized with variable information. These holograms can be supplied within 24 hours and are ideally suitable for :

» Entry Tickets to Events
» Gift Vouchers
» Promotion
We offer our clients numerous generic pattern Holograms such as Genuine, Warranty Void if Seal Broken, Original, O K Tested, No.1 Product, Export Quality, Best Quality and several others like patterns for low budget investment. We provide these Holograms in various dimensions and sizes as per the requirement of our clients.We Have More Than 25 Generic pattern Holograms like Original, Genuine, Warranty Void if Seal Broken, Export Quality, O K Tested, No.1 Product, Best Quality & many more such pattern for low budget investment, where in there is no requirement to invest on Hologram Master, various Sizes & Shape available




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